Present at EPF

The programme committee is looking for presentations related to peering and technical topics of interconnection.

Your presentation should address:

  • Interconnection Automation
  • Regional Peering
  • Interconnection / Peering Internet Governance and Regulatory Topics
  • Economic and Product Trends
  • Peering / Interconnection strategies
  • Interesting findings about Peering / Interconnection
  • 400GE and beyond
  • Any other hot topic related to Interconnection / Peering



Presentations must be of a non-commercial nature. Product or marketing heavy talks are strongly discouraged.

Submissions of presentations should be made to the programme committee.

Please include:

  • Author’s name and e-mail address
  • Presentation title
  • Abstract
  • Slides (if available)
  • Time requested (max. 30 minutes incl. Q&A)


Please send in your presentation asap. We decide on a first come first serve basis.

The latest date for submission is June 16th, 2024.