We are happy to invite you to the 2021 European Peering Forum, which will take place online from the 20th to the 22th of September, via the virtual event platform Talque.

The How To Guide: Talque


Talque is our new platform for participating in this year’s Virtual EPF 2.0. With talque.com you will expand your network and get to interact with speakers, attendees and the organizers like you would at an in-person event.

The Onboarding is simple:

  1. 1. You will receive an email from talque.com a few days before the event. This will be from Virtual EPF with the email address shown as schedule@talque.com.
  2. 2. In this email there will be a button that says “Start now!” Click this button and follow the instructions.
  3. 3. You need to create your own user account with a valid email address and a secure password.
  4. 4. After this, you should be logged into the platform.
  5. 5. Here, you have the opportunity to provide some brief information about yourself and enter preferences about your interests in certain topics. This information is used for matchmaking attendees. All information can be found and edited in your personal user account.
  6. 6. Please try to familiarize yourself with the navigation of the platform in advance of EPF, so you can participate without any worries.

* Please note that we strongly recommend the use of Google Chrome, Edge Chromium in the latest version, or Firefox with minor restrictions. For participation via the “Talque” smartphone app, the latest operating systems should be installed if possible and definitely the latest Talque version. For participation in events, all that is required is the reception of sound. However, for a full event experience, it is also recommended to allow use of camera and microphone.*

Agenda/ Schedule

This is the most important point for your navigation. All agenda items are displayed chronologically. By clicking on the respective session, the stream will open automatically.

By clicking on the respective session item, you will also get more information about the presentation and speaker. You can “register” for each agenda item to compile your personal agenda, but you can still access all the agenda items without registering for them individually.


If you click on the calendar icon in the upper right corner, you will get an overview of the agenda items and meetings that you have ‘registered’ for and you will see any meeting requests you have received or have created yourself. This way you can always keep track of everything.


All registered attendees will be displayed participants list no matter whether they are a participant, speaker, or organizer. By clicking on the person, the respective profile will be displayed. Information that was added in the onboarding process will be visible here. You have the possibility to contact each person via the chat button within their profile.

Best Matches

When on the participants page, you can filter the attendees so you can see, All Participants, Best Matches or Speakers and Moderators.

Under Best Matches you will see the people that the platform has matched you with based on the information you and other participants provided during the onboarding process.


In this field you have the possibility to contact people from your network directly. Here you can; start a new chat, create a new group, and start a new video call meeting. You should actively use to all this to network with others.

In addition, you can also make private notes in your personal area that can be stored and access in the chat function for easy access during meetings or chats.


Under this tab you will find all private and group chats. You can also search directly for a specific chat using the search bar located on the left under the network.


This guide serves as an initial orientation of the platform. Feel free to try out all the functions before the event. The content of the agenda will only be available on the day of the event at the time indicated in the agenda. Our moderator will again provide guidance on the process and navigation at the beginning of the event.

With the options listed above, we hope to be able to offer you an adequate substitute for an event under normal conditions, and we look forward to meeting you virtually.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@peeringforum.eu.

In addition, if you experience any difficulties on the network, please contact Talque support via the chat function.

Thank you very much.


What you can expect from Talque:

  • Agenda presentation in the overview
  • Perfect filterability and searchability
  • Participation in livestreams, webinars and videocalls in only one interactive platform
  • Matchmaking of participants and direct scheduling taking into account both calendars (videocall or chat)
  • Videocalls directly within the platform
  • Sponsor profiles with several information, presentation and interaction possibilities
  • Contact persons directly on the platform via the chat
  • Everything works also via the talque app!


You will get access to the talque platform after the EPF organization has approved your registration.